Freya Seraphine (remordsposthume) wrote in glbtquestioning,
Freya Seraphine


"Where can I get paid to watch porn?" you ask?
Well, the question that has plagued man-kind for centuries has finally been answered... Direct Galleries of course!

Our payment rate starts at $1.00 per hour, but the more you look at our free content, the more money you can earn! You can easily be earning up to $3.00 every hour by yourself with regular activity!

Earn Thousands Of Dollars Every Month!
We have thousands of members getting paid every month. Many of them are also making thousands of dollars. How? We also pay you for the members you refer to Direct Galleries! Earn up to 10% of all the income your referrals make. There is no limit how much you can earn.

But wait! That's not all!
We offer 48DDD's every year! No, it has nothing to do with your moms bra size. Our Double-Dollar-Days gives you twice what you usually earn. That's at least twice per month you can pocket hundreds or thousands of dollars!

Start getting paid within 2 minutes. It's free to sign up, so join now!

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